Conservative Futures makes every policy decision based upon four key themes: freedom, fairness, responsibility, and respect.

To date, here are the policy positions we have taken.

The Paris Agreement

We believe that regardless of the level of threat posed by climate change, the Paris Agreement focuses far too much on wealth redistribution for it to be supported by conservatives who believe their tax dollars should be used to benefit themselves, their families, their friends, and their neighbours.

We oppose the Paris Agreement



We believe that the CRTC is outdated, and currently serves to distort the free market. We pay for it with our high cell phone, internet, cable, and satellite bills. Canadian cultural content producers are forced to compete for grant money, or compete against grant money, while Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for content they may not even like.

We believe the CRTC should be scrapped, or majorly reformed.


Supply Management

The Canadian supply management system for dairy, poultry, and eggs drives up consumer prices by forcing farmers to pay into a quota system in exchange for a protected marketplace. With less than 9% of Canadian farms operating under supply management, the lobbies such as Dairy Farmers of Canada exert far more political influence than they are due.

Consumers overpay for basic products, which hurts Canada’s poor the most because a larger portion of their income is spent on food.

Every other industry in Canada suffers because in each of our country’s trade agreements our dairy sector is overly protected at the expense of our other sectors receiving more favourable trade terms for exports into places like Asia or the European Union.

We believe that supply management should be phased out, with farmers being reimbursed for the remaining value of their quotas.



This isn’t the USSR, and Canada does not need a state broadcaster. 

We believe that CBC/Radio-Canada should be privatized.


Free Speech

Free speech is one of the most fundamental rights that has allowed Western civilization to advance into the pluralistic society that we have today. Some basic legal protections against inciting violence may be acceptable, but people’s feelings should never be protected by law.

We believe that free speech needs to be vigorously defended from the forces of political correctness.


Same sex marriage

We believe that same sex couples should have the exact same legal rights as heterosexual couples.


Foreign Aid 

Canadians are forced to pay taxes, and that money should only be used to directly benefit the lives of Canadians. Development aid has never lifted a country out of poverty. We believe that the best way to lift people out of poverty is to allow for basic fundamental rights, like freedom of speech, and the right to own property, and allow the free market to flourish without needless restriction.

We also recognize that in certain dire circumstances, like war, famine, or outbreak of disease, Canadians may want to give humanitarian assistance to foreign populations.

We oppose all foreign development aid.



Canadian firearm laws are broken and need to be fixed. Legally purchased firearms can become illegal at moment’s notice, guns are classified on what they look like, and laws are controlled by bureaucrats. The current system is a complicated mess, and does not work.

Responsible gun owners are paying taxes to fund a system that works against them. They are dragged through endless paperwork that benefits nobody, and are bound by laws grounded in nothing.

We believe in a fair policy for gun owners. Guns should be classified on function, not appearance. New regulations should not be decided by the RCMP, and should go through parliament like any other legislation. Laws should be based on reason and outcomes, not fear and emotions.

A policy built on fairness and reason is a good policy, and will serve to protect all Canadians.