“Anonymous sources” within the Liberal government have confirmed that convicted jihadi terrorist Omar Khadr will be receiving an apology from the Government of Canada for his treatment while he was a prisoner of the United States. Reports indicate he will receive a taxpayer-funded payout of $10.5 million.

Khadr’s case is made out to be complex. A case that requires nuance. A case that requires sympathy.

Of course his upbringing in what's been dubbed “Canada's First Family of Terrorism” is going to have an impact on his life.  But contrary to what you may hear, it does not relieve him of accountability for his actions.

He was the one who picked up a grenade and threw it, killing U.S. Army Medic Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer. He left Tabitha Speer a widow, and left Taryn and Tanner Speer to grow up without a father. He left Sergeant First Class Layne Morris blind in one eye. In fact, a Utah court ruled that Khadr must pay in excess of $130 million for the wrongful death of Speer, and for blinding Morris.

Here’s a fact that receives precious little attention in Canada: He killed and maimed countless other people during his time as an al-Qaeda bomb maker. He personally constructed the type of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that killed Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

This is an individual whose actions have left a devastating impact on countless lives. Despite his appallingly short sentence of eight years for his crimes, even that being reduced by the Canadian correctional system's calculation of parole eligibility dates, the Liberals have decided that isn't enough.

Justin Trudeau's office, on the eve of Americans marking Independence Day, leaked news of the $10.5 million payment. This is an absolute slap in the faces of Layne Morris and Christopher Speer’s family.

We have already seen comparisons between what a convicted jihadi terrorist is receiving and what families of Canadian Armed Forces soldiers killed in action receive, or the amount requested in Parliament for autism funding that was denied by the Liberals.

Rather than rehashing that, we must come back to a basic principle: The government should not make millionaires out of jihadi terrorists.

If the Liberals are intent on making this absolutely outrageous payment, at minimum there must be mechanisms in place to ensure Khadr is not using this money to reconnect with his sister, who, according to recent reports, had married an ISIS leader in Syria. The Liberals must also publicly commit not to stand in the way of Tabitha Speer collecting on her outstanding court judgment.

Doing otherwise will send the clear signal that the Liberals value political correctness far above protecting Canadians and others from terrorists like Omar Khadr.