In just twenty-five years of life, I’ve seen enough Liberal shenanigans to turn even the most forgiving optimist into a grumbling cynic. They rarely manage to shock me anymore. But when I heard the Liberals had announced increases to Canada’s defense budget I almost fainted. Could it be? Could the Liberals have realized that the Canadian Forces can’t go to battle armed with sunny ways and good vibrations? Of course not! A reality check confirmed that water was still wet, the sky was still blue, and the Liberals still had no interest in rebuilding the Forces. Or fighting terrorism. Or being truthful with Canadians. Or meeting our NATO commitments.

This announcement should make sense. Canada is still embroiled in the war on terror and our military is woefully underfunded. However, coming from the Liberals it smacks of hypocrisy. To this day they still believe, as then Prime Minister Jean Chretien put it one year after 9/11, that by being “arrogant, self-satisfied, and greedy” we in the West brought the problem of terrorism upon ourselves. “[The terrorists] are human beings too”, he was careful to remind us. Since then, the Liberals have refrained from uttering such contemptible nonsense due to its unpopularity. Most, purportedly, have gone back to searching for the “root causes” of terror. Yet their attitude remains the same. There is much talk of terrorists feeling “excluded” and little action to stop them. Prime Minister Trudeau is unwilling even to join our allies in conducting airstrikes against ISIS, a universally despised group of evildoers. If not here, where would Mr. Trudeau use our new “hard power”? Should we take orders from the dysfunctional United Nations? Hopefully not, it being the quintessential example of a democracy populated by 49 sheep and 51 wolves. Should we collaborate with the African Union, an entity with a history of appalling human rights violations and botched peacekeeping missions? These propositions do not inspire confidence.

Were the Liberals suddenly overwhelmed by concern for Canada’s national security? Laughable, given they’re permitting, with no formal national security review, the Chinese government takeover of Norsat International Inc. The Vancouver-based satellite communications company’s customers range from the Canadian Coast Guard to the Pentagon. Mr. Trudeau is clearly not concerned that Norsat’s patented technology will fall into the hands of China’s military. Not surprising, considering his open admiration of China’s “basic dictatorship”.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland’s official reasoning for the Forces buildup, The United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, is even more ridiculous. The Agreement, a non-binding act of American economic self-flagellation, was useless to begin with. That this sensible withdrawal constitutes an abdication of the role of leader of the free world is pure fantasy. A more compelling argument would have been America’s actual retreat from that role under former President Obama who allowed, among other things, Syrian children to be gassed with no consequences. Use of this sad excuse has garnered little attention from the media. Many Canadians seem to accept Liberal lies as a fixture of our political landscape. It should go without saying that we deserve better.

Obviously, the Liberals are capitulating to President Trump’s calls for more spending from NATO members. In typical Liberal fashion, they’ve said nothing about where the money will come from. They’ve likely reassured themselves that they’ll trip over a big pile of cash sometime soon. Or that it will end up being someone else’s problem entirely. Or they could always just use their fiscal silver bullet and borrow it from future generations. Even if the cash does materialize and they manage to spend it on procurement (I won’t hold my breath), Canada will only be spending 1.4% of GDP on defense. Still far short of our 2% commitment as a NATO member. That, along with the Liberals’ bizarre insistence on using arbitrary, sexist gender quotas for military personnel, shows they still care more about the sex organs of our soldiers than their safety.

The Forces desperately need a boost. Can a measure still be positive, even when it’s a half-measure done wrong and for the wrong reasons? Either way, that seems to be the best we will ever get from the Trudeau Liberals. If they were a broken clock, they’d find a way to be right less than twice a day.