About Conservative Futures

The future of conservatism is about the empowerment of the individual.

We believe that the way to lift people out of poverty is through free markets, and increased freedom to flourish without the restraint of big government.

The future will be determined by the individual.

Everybody has greatness inside of them. We want to ignite burning passion of entrepreneurial spirit inside the hearts of the nation.

Greatness doesn’t come from the state, it comes from the individual.

We want a country and a world where people are free to succeed.

We promote the core values of a new era of conservatism. We believe in personal liberty, and that the government should treat everyone with fairness and respect.

Our goal is to reshape the political climate in Canada so that politicians can adopt policies for more individual, economic, and personal freedom.

Conservative Futures is a federally registered non-profit.


The Team


emrys_graefe.jpgEmrys Graefe, Executive Director

Emrys is an experienced political strategist who understands the inner workings of political culture in Canada. Since 2009 he has worked for multiple Members of Parliament, and occupied one of the most senior ranks of the Conservative Party of Canada, serving as Deputy Director of Political Operations. His talent with advocacy & political campaigns was most recently demonstrated while spending 14 months as director of digital operations for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership campaign of Maxime Bernier.




                                                                       Jess Morgan, Editor


Jess Morgan is a communications specialist and freelance writer, born and raised in Winnipeg and currently living in Toronto. She provided social media and GOTV support to the Maxime Bernier leadership campaign, and got involved with Conservative Futures to keep up the fight for individual freedom and personal responsibility. When she's not arguing about politics on Facebook, she's satirizing movies at The Editing Room.