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Protecting liberty, restoring security

Mark Johnson — July 19, 2017

A former colleague once compared Canada’s approach to national security to the attitude of a bonobo monkey. Bonobos have few natural predators, which over time has given them a more docile nature compared to other species. As a result of the characteristics that come with their docility, bonobos have been unable to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.

Conservatives can't afford to play small ball anymore

Denton Wierzba — July 18, 2017

If the conservative movement is going to succeed in making Canada a freer and more prosperous nation we, are going to have to learn from our past mistakes. 

Exposed: Marlo Raynolds

Emrys Graefe — July 13, 2017

Marlo Raynolds lobbied American and Canadian officials against Alberta’s oil sands. His own employee donated to his political campaign. He has become Chief of Staff to the Minister of the Environment. And now he’s being lobbied by the same former employee who donated to his campaign.

Ontario will regret its minimum wage experiment

Philip Hattin — July 12, 2017

There comes a point when a politician is so tainted by scandal, waste, incompetence and hubris that their approval rating can’t go any lower. I thought Premier Kathleen Wynne had reached that point last year after two Liberals, including Ontario Liberal Party CEO Pat Sorbara, were charged with bribery in connection to the Sudbury by-election scandal.

The importance of the movement

Emrys Graefe — July 11, 2017

The conservative movement in Canada is too small, and that’s a problem. To make Canada into the kind of country that we want, the movement needs to be larger than a political party, and I’ll tell you why. But first we need to establish the difference between the purpose of a movement, and the goals of the movement. The goals are easy. That’s where most people stop

We need to win the battle to Free My Booze

Grant Dingwall — July 06, 2017

In March 2016, I launched a campaign to end the near-monopoly that exists over alcohol sales in Ontario. My campaign has a simple goal: to create an open market for alcoholic beverages in Ontario, allowing all retail stores to be able to get a licence to sell beer, wine and spirits.