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Conservatives have come far on same-sex marriage - but far enough?

Dean Tester — August 15, 2017

Last year, I wrote about and supported efforts to remove opposition to same-sex marriage from Conservative Party of Canada’s policy declaration. I watched proudly as Rona Ambrose, Patrick Brown, Maxime Bernier, Michelle Rempel, Lisa MacLeod and others stood up for and supported LGBTQ rights.

Net neutrality is corporate welfare

Philip Hattin — August 07, 2017

Corporate welfare unites people from both sides of the political spectrum. People on the left hate it because they think corporations are evil. People on the right hate it because they think taking your property against your will is evil.

On the cover of the Rolling Stone

Burt Schoeppe — August 04, 2017

The progressive media like Justin Trudeau. The international progressive media really like Justin Trudeau. Part of the infatuation comes from a lack of concern about Canadian domestic affairs. Part of the attraction is that he is just so progressive.

These two Liberals really love Big Government

Emrys Graefe — August 03, 2017

These days, the Liberal Party isn’t exactly known for pro-freedom policies. We live in a world where group rights and identity politics seem to be winning the day. And we could be forgiven for believing the Liberal Party of Canada falls on the wrong side of the battle for hearts and minds.

Protecting liberty, restoring security

Mark Johnson — July 19, 2017

A former colleague once compared Canada’s approach to national security to the attitude of a bonobo monkey. Bonobos have few natural predators, which over time has given them a more docile nature compared to other species. As a result of the characteristics that come with their docility, bonobos have been unable to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.

Conservatives can't afford to play small ball anymore

Denton Wierzba — July 18, 2017

If the conservative movement is going to succeed in making Canada a freer and more prosperous nation we, are going to have to learn from our past mistakes.