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Canada's Gun Laws are Broken


A word of encouragement for my Conservative Futures friends

Maxime Bernier 🇨🇦 — September 18, 2017

We need more people and organizations defending the value of freedom in Canada and I very much support Conservative Futures efforts to do so within the larger conservative movement. I would like today to briefly discuss three ideas with you: freedom, tenacity and popularity.

Back to basics

David Yip — September 12, 2017

Fall is here and it’s back to school. Ontario spends about 25% of its budget on education. Yet the Ontario Chamber of Commerce claims the “‘skills mismatch’ is a [...] growing challenge.”

Stop Bill Morneau's tax-and-spend lunacy

Dean Baxendale — August 28, 2017

The Fraser Institute just released their study on the tax burden we face. The Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2017 finds the average Canadian family paid twice as much of their income in taxes (42.5 per cent) as they did for housing (22.1 per cent) last year.

Gerry Nicholls: Advice for Conservative Warriors

Gerry Nicholls — August 24, 2017

One of the (few) good things about getting older, is it gives you a sense of perspective, i.e. you know where things are going, because you know where things have been. It’s the wisdom that comes from wrinkles.

What is supply management?

William Dunstan — August 22, 2017

For years, supply management has hampered Canada’s trade negotiations with other countries. A recent Angus Reid poll found most Canadians would abandon the system in exchange for better trade deals. The same poll found that most Canadians don’t know what supply management is. So what is it?

Keeping your head

Benjamin Sharma — August 21, 2017

This has been a bit of a rough year for conservatives who count themselves as sincere friends of freedom. We have seen a number of people who started their activist careers defending freedom (so they said) descend into the fires of “blood and soil” nationalism; one such person spent some of the summer cruising the Mediterranean with like-minded souls, seeking to find and prevent NGO ships from aiding would-be refugees adrift on the seas.

Reclassification and Registries: Why you should care

Mark Johnson — August 18, 2017

My name is Mark and I'm a gun owner. That's almost how you have to start any conversation on firearms and Canada’s ludicrous gun laws. There are a lot of Canadians, mostly urban, who assume that the only people who own guns are criminals and rednecks preparing for the apocalypse.

Conservatives have come far on same-sex marriage - but far enough?

Dean Tester — August 15, 2017

Last year, I wrote about and supported efforts to remove opposition to same-sex marriage from Conservative Party of Canada’s policy declaration. I watched proudly as Rona Ambrose, Patrick Brown, Maxime Bernier, Michelle Rempel, Lisa MacLeod and others stood up for and supported LGBTQ rights.

Net neutrality is corporate welfare

Philip Hattin — August 07, 2017

Corporate welfare unites people from both sides of the political spectrum. People on the left hate it because they think corporations are evil. People on the right hate it because they think taking your property against your will is evil.